1.1. The Project

The Encyclopaedia of Museum Practice is a project in its early stages. Contributions and comments are most welcome. The project is sponsored by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) International Committee on Documentation (CIDOC) and is currently administered by the CIDOC Documentation Standards Working Group (DSWG).

1.2. The CMS

The most significant characteristic of the Wiki Tiki CMS is its multi-linguality. It was for this characteristic that it was selected. Wiki Tiki has no concept of a base language. The only reason that English appears as a default is that the sole current administrator is English. As other administrators and enthusiastic contributors emerge it is entirely possible that other languages will come to the fore and may even dominate. This is fair.
Any content can be initiated in any of the languages currently supported and any content (and any other text such as labels) can be translated between any two languages. See HowTo for how to create and translate content.

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