Wanted Pages

This page lists in a table pages that have been referenced/suggested but not yet created. These are known as Wanted Pages. Wanted Pages may be suggested by adding to any page a phrase in Camel Case that is a phrase with each word with an initial capital letter and no spaces between like this: CamelCase. There is no page called CamelCase so it appears in the list below. Notice the blue question mark after the Wanted Page Name. To create a wanted page click on the blue question mark. Remember to select a Category and language and place in the Encyclopaedia Tree. See the How To page for more detail. N.B. Please Do Not Create the page CamelCase!

Wanted pages can also be suggested created by creating wiki links for them. The wiki syntax code for that would be ((Wanted|Wanted)) which would look like this Wanted. See How to Link to Another page on the How To Page for more details.

Table of Wanted Pages

Wanted PageReferenced By Page
CamelCase HowTo
CulturalHeritage CollectionsManagementSystem
EsineVati CollectionsManagementSystem
FileMaker CollectionsManagementSystem
Procedures RetrospectiveDocumentation
ReasonableGraph CollectionsManagementSystem
UniqueCollection CollectionsManagementSystem

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