Welcome to the

Encyclopaedia of Museum Practice

The aims of the Encyclopaedia are as follows:

  • To provide a repository for standards, guidelines and terminologies
  • To define concepts used in museum practice in many languages
  • To describe the differences between concepts and the terms used for them in different languages
  • To facilitate discussion about the description and use of museum practice concepts
  • To act as a stable reference for museum practice concepts

The Encyclopaedia has the following features:

  • A Wiki - Where content will be created
  • Comments beneath each page
  • A Document Store - where examples of useful documents such policies, procedures, standards and guidelines can be up and down loaded.
  • Forums - where we can discuss and even argue about what has been said, or not said, in the Wiki Pages
  • Cross referenced multi linguality - 40 + languages - more languages possible

The content of the Encyclopaedia is free to browse to anyone. Participation/contribution requires registration/log-in. The registration procedure requires a code from the administrator. There is a contact option on the registration page to request one. To register:
  1. Find the 'Log In' box on the left of this page
  2. Click on the 'Log In' link
  3. A dialog box will pop up
  4. Click on the 'Register' link at the bottom of the dialog box
  5. The Registration page will open
  6. Fill in the form on the Registration page

Having registered, there is a "How To ..." page, describing how to create, edit and translate pages. The first task of the community is to create as much content as possible in as many languages as possible. Structure and rules will follow. Please do not be put off by any concerns about getting it right as far as layout are concerned. Write about practices that you are familiar with, in the language you are most comfortable in, and that will be right and useful.

Many thanks for your participation.